Love your staff! 


PHD 'office shout' 12 pack


Normally $90,  Wholesale price $76.50!

Nothing says 'I love your work' more than 12 delicious, healthy juices for your staff to pick away at! Give your staff the gift of health, and be the 'cool' boss ;)

And save 15%!

Simply order our pre-packed product with 12 x 350ml juices included, fuel your staff with fresh, additive and preservative free awesomeness in a bottle!


What's included?







3 x 350ml Bright Eyes 

Packed with orange vegetables and a hint of orange and lemon citrus, a delicious blend.

 3 x 350ml Heart Beet

Made with NZ beetroot and carrot, this colourful blend infused with ginger and lemon is the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up.

3 x 350ml Sweet Green

Add some green to your life, a delicious blend of locally grown leafy vegetables and NZ apple.


3 x 350ml Gold Glow

Delicious pineapple base with a hint of mint!


PLUS, 'Boss of the Year' bragging rights! (Boss of the Year certificates sold seperately!)

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3 Day ResetMe with Cashew Dream

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